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Beyond Competing - Escape the competition trap with Blue Ocean Shift and seize new chances of growth

From red to blue ocean

With the award-winning Blue Ocean Strategy and the global Blue Ocean Network, to which MSU Consulting belongs, the renowned INSEAD professors have set new standards for business model innovation and profitable growth strategies.

Step by step, this method enables companies to break out of their red oceans: head-to-head competition, replaceable offerings in saturated markets and price wars.

Over 3.6 million books sold have made Blue Ocean Strategy the world’s bestseller. The methodology is taught at over 1,700 universities worldwide. For a wide variety of companies, it is an instrument of innovation and strategy development to leave the trap of competition behind and create new, unrivalled markets.


What is Blue Ocean Shift?

WithBlue Ocean Shift the important and consistent advancement of the methodology is now put on the strategic agenda of all companies that are in the red ocean of competitive and innovation pressure.

‘Important’ because momentum in most industries is changing and accelerating at a staggering pace: digitisation, the threat of disruptive business models, the speed of new players, and changing customer behaviour present tremendous challenges to businesses, managers and employees to find right and appropriate solutions. The market pressure is often so high that many companies only ‘react’ and are impelled towards competing.

‘Consistent’ because only companies that act and take initiative can maximise and exploit their growth opportunities. On the one hand, this means standing out from the competition through the systematic development of different, divergent competitive strategies and innovative business models. On the other hand, the creative potential of the people in the company needs to be activated in order to use the full potential for transformation.

How can Blue Ocean Shift help your company?

With Blue Ocean Shift we would like to direct your attention to a number of important questions and help your company and your teams to find the right and appropriate solutions and to implement them:

Why is it worthwhile to question the established ‘rules of the game’ in the competition of one's own industry and to think differently and further than before?

Which chances of growth escape companies that follow the often-used industry standards and compete with others in benchmarking?

How can companies generate new markets and profitable growth through ‘non-disruptive’ and ‘non-radical’ innovations?

How to activate the creative potential of internal teams to quickly and systematically develop blue oceans in a 5-step programme and boost self-confidence in your own implementation skills?
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