Globally operating retailer specializing in fashion jewellery and accessories for young women, teens and children.

Seasonal implementation of extensive shop and display placement of a large collection of unique, innovative, fun and affordable products.

In fashion accessories retail, the attractive presentation of goods is the be-all and end-all. With a multitude of filigree articles, attention must be paid to a clear, neat and easily accessible in-store product placement. Seasonal trend products are placed in the focus of secondary placements. The overall impression decides. MSU sales services GmbH secures the entire shelf space, the displays and thus the product-adequate look throughout all store branches Germany-wide.


  • Ensuring the attractive placement of the large assortment variety consisting of partially small-sized goods carriers for accessories and jewellery.
  • Optimizing shelf space throughout the stores and updating secondary placements
  • Handling of the merchandise management system of the individual retail partners.


  • Visual check of the existing placement
  • Implementation of the given planograms
  • Removal of foreign or wrong products
  • Replenishment of missing and insufficiently placed items
  • Remedy ‘out-of-stock’ situation and initiating of re-orders with store managers
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Scanner data collection
  • Collection and review of pricing
  • Consideration of price changes and their implementation
  • Detection of scarce goods via scanner
  • Preparation of sales in ‘SALES’ promotions through product labelling
  • Before/after photo documentation

Added value:

  • Ensuring standardised placement across all stores
  • Recording the as-is situations in the entire store
  • Updating of the attractive placement for the complete assortment variety