Layout update as part of the category management for so-called tester units for electric oral care

Merchandising rounds in drugstore retail, electronics specialist retail and in the further specialist retail on behalf of one of the best-known oral care brand in Germany

When launching new products, the objective at the POS is ensuring product availability and temporal coordinating of all marketing measures. In the field of electric oral care, consumers can have a haptic experienced of the product in retail outlets. The product benefit is “tangible”. All products listed by the respective retail partner are placed on tester units, accompanied by product information in order to give the consumer a comprehensive overview of the category.

On behalf of the leading manufacturer of electric oral care products MSU sales services GmbH updated the tester units as part of a new product launch. For the new products, new display modules for installation in the tester units were developed. These displays were installed and old products replaced. Also product information was updated and tested for function. The peculiarity lies in the layout variety of the tester units currently present in the retail outlets, the up to 6m long tester units and the product variety of the manufacturer, of brands, and of competing brands.


  • Nation-wide implementation by all participating retail partners
  • 5000¬†drugstore branches
  • 410 branches in the specialist retail
  • 158 branches in the electronic specialist retail
  • Punctual campaign start and fixed campaign period
  • Consideration of different sizes of tester units up to 6m in length with different types of electric toothbrushes, brush heads, mouthwashes and oral care centres
  • Extensive display modules and tester components as well as exchange of dealer-specific communication surfaces


  • Tour planning in the campaign period for all branches
  • Schedule coordination with all retail partners and the customer
  • Research, training and coordination of a total of 70 merchandisers
  • Logistics management / warehouse coordination
  • Partial joint visits to merchandiser and customer sales force
  • Performing layout update of the tester units
  • Weekly reporting
  • Final and photo documentation

Added value

  • Professional and efficient implementation of the campaign for the new product launch
  • Updated category solution after product introduction
  • Update of the brand image in retail
  • Update of information for the manufacturer about the trade situation