Tactical leasing sales force for premium dessert manufacturer

More sales power for premium dessert manufacturer

Seasonal distribution rounds in the food retail trade – refrigerated sections for dairy products.

In recent years, various premium dessert items have been successfully listed in a growing number of outlets in the food retail sector. Particular attention is paid to continuous care and sales support in the field. This includes the increase of facings in the refrigerated section of the large food retail players. The objectives in sales are therefore to increase revenue by application of listings on the sales racks and ensuring the extension of range.

For this challenge, a well-known brand manufacturer in the field of high-quality gourmet patisserie products (cakes and soufflés) has commissioned MSU sales services. By means of freelance travelling salesmen and in cooperation with the customer, MSU sales services GmbH implements dealer support, the visibility at the POS, and the increase in revenue through distribution rounds.

„… with this kind of premium product, the objective must be to clearly and visibly distinguish oneself from the manageable competition in the dairy product segment and from regular dairy products.…“


  • 6,000 planned visits to key players in the food retail trade (Edeka, REWE and Real)
  • Improvement of the facings in the refrigerated section through product placement for greater visibility.
  • Expansion of the facings with additional orders as part of the listings.
  • Execution of orders and net sales of secondary placement.
  • Ensuring stocking up to the best before date.


  • Selection of experienced leasing sales representative
  • Product and sales training to communicate the sales goals to be achieved
  • Creation of a tour-optimised visit plan for each area of sales
  • Quality and performance control through weekly reporting
  • Evaluation and preparation of the result documentation
  • Photo documentation

Added value:

  • Increase in sales and market share in the premium dessert segment
  • Extension of existing distribution on the shelf by support of bonus in kind rebates and promotion-of-sales measures
  • Improvement of visibility through special placement
  • Relieving the sales organisation of the brand manufacturer for the promotional period