Sales promotion for one of the leading household goods manufacturers

Sales promotion in the field of floor care to increase market share

Especially at the turn of the year, it is about valuable impulses to increase sales in all consumer goods markets. These incentives are created through expert advice from trained personnel and demonstrations to clarify product benefits, especially for products in need of explanation. The personal approach and a direct test possibility of the products in the stores convince and support sales. These campaigns are often combined with a raffle or a price action and thus entice the consumer to the promotion areas.

One of the leading manufacturers of branded household floor care products sells its product range via electronics specialist stores and relies on the industry know-how and the knowledge of trade patterns offered by MSU sales services GmbH in the implementation of promotions and specialist consulting measures.


  • Close-to-date arrangements with the contact persons of the respective departments in participating electronics specialist stores.
  • Ensuring trained, nationwide expert consulting teams in a highly attractive operating time.
  • Reporting sales numbers as a direct response to the campaign during the promotion period.
  • Servicing up to 150 MSD houses with trained professionals on more than 9,000 days since 2014.


  • Scheduling for all participating stores over a period of up to 18 weeks, in several campaign cycles a year.
  • Ensuring campaign support on 3 to 6 working days a week as well as Open Sundays.
  • Selection and training of qualified consultants.
  • Continuous quality management through close monitoring of operations.
  • Evaluation of weekly reporting and implementation of optimisation measures according to the objective of the campaign.
  • Preparation of a final report.

Added value

  • Continuous increase in market share
  • Increasing the level brand awareness