Whether launch, re-launch,
seasonal or permanent
placements in retail,
you decide where and in
which period

The perfect presentation of your brand at the point of sale

Shop and display placements require individual and need-oriented planning and organisation down to the last detail for each trade structure. Also reliable shelf support and shelf optimisation are required. We handle it for you.

Whether launch, re-launch, seasonal or permanent placement in the retail market, you decide where and in which period. Many contacts and requirements of retail trade are known to us through long-term cooperation. This puts us in a position to achieve the best placement smoothly and quickly.

We take care of your:

  • planning, organisation, installation of shop and display placements.
  • refurbishment.
  • modification works and construction.
  • transportation, storage and logistics.
  • decoration.
  • shelf optimisation.
  • exchange of advertising media.
  • modification works in the context of category management projects.
  • in-store modification works and construction: seasonal or special occasions.

Organisation – Implementation – Performance control

MSU sales services GmbH is responsible for the implementation – from logistics with regional warehouses, through construction and assembly to sophisticated reporting. Web databases provide you with the latest project overview at any time. As a result, this means punctual, adequate brand presentations at the POS for our customers.

Unser Leistungsangebot:

Kompetenz von der Planung bis zur Regaloptimierung für Ihre Platzierung am Point of Sale.

Unser Leistungsversprechen:

Entlastung der eigenen Organisation

Optimale Durchlaufzeiten

Schnellen Zugriff durch regionale Lager

Bestandsmanagement für hohe Verfügbarkeit


Transparentes Reporting und Management-Report für schnelles Update