Development and implementation of a growth project (sales push project)

Initial situation and objective:

  • A company with a historically grown market position, high brand awareness, but moderate market share.
  • Customer potential and attractiveness of individual customers are not clear; There is a lack of coordinated market share targets at customer and country level
  • Objective: Due to historically underutilized production capacity, management decided to develop a detailed growth plan in order to reach the target market share in 2 years and thus sustainably secure plant capacity utilization

Our approach:

  • Series of workshops with sales to determine customer potentials, competitive positions, and customer attractiveness
  • Secured information in a central database to ensure regular updates.
  • Clear supply share targets and action packages defined at customer level
  • Realignment of sales organization, revision of customer allocation and realignment of existing network of distributors


  • Sales team found workshops very appreciative; identification with goals increased significantly
  • Market transparency increased enormously and data quality (customer potential, etc.) regularly improved
  • Image gain with customers
  • Planned market share increase was achieved, although regular adjustments were made at individual customer level
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