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Poor growth plans and weaknesses in the management team. According to a recent study from the private equity environment, these are the dominant reasons why private equity deals fail to meet the expectations placed in them. Lack of focus for the importance of these two issues, but also insufficient marketing & sales skills and lack of resources for implementation, are cited as causes

This is where MSU comes in: We support investors and portfolio companies with our three practice-oriented expert teams Consulting, Executive Search and Interim Management to achieve their growth and profitability targets in a customized and flexible way.

We generate value at every stage of the private equity cycle:

Buy Phase

We help you identify attractive companies. Specifically, we support you in evaluating the market and competitive environment and the value creation potential of your target company. We can also provide a realistic assessment of whether the growth plans resulting from the commercial due diligence can be captured with the existing back-end structures and enablers of the target company and which gaps may need to be closed.

Growth Phase

We support you with customized and result-oriented marketing and sales projects to help you achieving your growth and profitability targets. We can also provide you with targeted assistance in filling specialist and management positions based on our many years of experience in the fields of executive search and interim management. In addition to our extensive expertise in project implementation, we also offer state of the art analysis tools to determine the capabilities of your portfolio companies in the areas of marketing and sales and human resources.

Sell Phase

Together with you, we ensure that you maximize your result. For example, we can support you in preparing the optimal exit strategy, creating sales arguments and implementing necessary personnel measures.

MSU Group has strong competencies to successfully support private equity companies and their portfolio companies as an external advisor

Our many years of experience and broad industry exposure enable us to quickly understand complex business processes, identify realistic optimization potential and quickly implement value-added measures.

Many of our team members were industry executives prior to their consulting careers. We help bridge communication barriers between private equity firms and their portfolio companies to enable a constructive exchange of knowledge and views.

Through our operational experience “in the line”, we also speak the “language” of your company. We find acceptance, can collect and evaluate insights directly at the source and communicate them to top management.

We speak plainly with our analyses and recommendations for action and do not hide behind slides and prose. We streamline communication between private equity companies and their portfolio companies and give visibility to information critical to success.

As external consultants, we look at portfolio companies from an “outside-in” perspective and can evaluate the status quo without bias and benchmark it against best practices from other companies.

We now also offer these competencies in the private equity sector. Especially in the growth phase of a portfolio company, we see 7 levers for success to sustainably increase growth and profitability and thus maximize the value of the company. We support you in this phase to identify the right levers and to sustainably implement value-creating projects to increase sales and profitability

Our 7 success levers for sustainable growth and profitability

Top Line Growth Review

Typical questions

  • Do we correctly assess the attractiveness of our customers and do we serve the right customers?
  • Can we sustainably improve our market shares in certain countries/regions with targeted growth programs?

Leakage Analysis

Typical questions

  • What are the high/low performing customers and products in our portfolio? What improvement measures are being taken for low-performing customers/products?
  • Do our current pricing structures and payment terms still fit the changed market environment after Corona?

Sales Processes and Organization

Typical questions

  • Do we have a clear procedure for acquiring new customers and do we consistently track the development of new business (lead management process)?
  • Do we have the optimal customer allocation within our sales team (e.g. key account manager, small customer manager) and do we offer our key customers sufficient technical support for the use of our products?

Winning Offer

Typical questions

  • Have our customers’ needs changed as a result of the Corona crisis – can new market trends be identified?
  • How good are we at launching new products (product launch) – are we achieving our set targets?

Sales Skills

Typical questions

  • How well does the sales force communicate the value of our offering and do we successfully implement the desired prices?
  • Do our sales staff use the right digital tools when working with your customers?

Executive Leadership

Typical questions

  • Do we have the right technical skills and competencies in key positions to lead teams to success?
  • Do sales managers lead their team with clear goals, give freedom to implement them, and see themselves as coaches to help employees achieve their goals?

Digital Transformation

Typical questions

  • Do we use existing data on customers and markets to derive the right measures?
  • Do our customers want to work with us in other ways after Corona?

Selected Case Studies

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