Implementation of a price margin project to leverage margin potentials

Initial situation and objective:

  • A company with a broad customer/product portfolio and a leading market position.
  • Europe-wide sales are carried out by own sales organization, in combination with a historically grown network of distributors
  • The management team critically questions the existing transparency with regard to contribution margins
  • Objective: Create transparency and define measures to improve low-profit products, customers. Introduction of a results-oriented customer care model

Our approach:

  • Data collection from a wide variety of sources and subsequent data evaluation. Definition of recommendations for action in order to improve the situation with products and customers with poor results.
  • Determination with marketing and sales team which condition types (e.g. discounts, packaging types) will not be offered in the future to minimize outliers (business rules)


  • Attention for profitability-oriented portfolio management shown – „facts instead of assumptions“.
  • Action packages agreed for critical customers/products: Price increases, product adjustments/phase-outs, transfer of certain customers to dealers
  • Total margin increased by > 5% in year 1 (calculated from end of project)
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