Introduction of a distribution partner steering system to optimize the sales process

Initial situation and objective:

  • A medium-sized manufacturer of industrial goods sells products nationally and internationally via a trading partner network.
  • The management and steering of the trading partners is carried out by a small number of key account managers and without a systematic approach.
  • The management suspects that growth and margin potentials are not fully captured.
  • Objective: To identify areas for improvement („pain points“) in sales environmment and to formalize and professionalize distribution partner management approach.

Our approach:

  • Evaluation of current sales process and uncovering of „pain points“ through interviews with client and personnel of distribution partner.
  • Development of a 4-step approach for the steering of the distribution partner, based on a collaborative way together with the most important stakeholders of the sales process


  • Development of a ‘ready-to-implement’ solution for the structured and potential-oriented steering of the distribution partner
  • Introduction of the system with very high acceptance in sales and service
  • Execution of all annual review meetings for A and B distribution partners along the new system already in the year of introduction
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