Consumer goods & retail

he consumer markets are changing fundamentally. Decisive for this are increasing customer demands, growing price pressure, changed consumer behaviour and digital transformation. Global brand management poses new challenges to marketing. Innovation remains the most important driver and sales strategies are increasingly being replaced by strategic business development. Compliance, sustainability and social responsibility set new boundaries.

Retail is global, local and digital. The customer is always the focus. Classic trading companies are increasingly under pressure. The transformation from stationary to online trading is increasingly gaining momentum. In combination with growing demands, customers are changing their consumption behaviour faster and faster. Emerging markets create new market opportunities; new players on the market mean intensified competition at global and local level. Saturated markets with shrinking margins and ever-increasing demand on IT and supply chain burden the companies

In order to keep pace with the fast-moving market dynamics of the consumer goods industry and in retail, qualified talents, specialists and executives who show potential and have strong social skills are required.

The need for specialists and executives with digital literacy is steadily increasing and poses new challenges to companies as an organism in the ‘onboarding’ process. Digital leadership requires a rethink in employee management that must be assimilated and brought to life throughout the company.

In detail, our field of activity comprises:

  • Non-/Food
  • Medical/OTC
  • Fashion
  • Cosmetic
  • Lifestyle
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Luxury
  • Private Label
  • Retail
  • E-Commerce

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