Executive search/Professional search

Executive search is the ‘highest discipline’ in recruitment services. The aim of an executive search is to sustainably fil positions of high-level advisory board members or executives at the first and second management levels.

We see executive search as the direct search of convincing leaders. In addition to technical know-how, personality and preferred behaviors are in the focus.

executive professional search

By professional search we understand the recruitment of highly specialised and experienced professionals, such as department heads, group or team leaders as well as specialists with no leadership responsibility in all corporate areas.

With professional search we identify and find persuasive personalities with a specific specialist know-how that fit also into your company culture.

Do not believe on the principle of coincidence. To find the perfect match we provide you a broad selection of available personalities by evaluating the whole market. In addition to the diagnostics and guarantees, a collection of references and our assistance in the preparation of the contract are part of our consulting offer.

Our internal research department guarantees a systematic, structured and comprehensive national and international market research in defined search fields. This includes as well our extensive databases and the full use of personal networks that were growing since more than 20 years.